RedOne Professional

The RedOne Men’s Series, developed through long-term laboratory studies both domestically and internationally, has been enriched with ingredients tailored to suit men’s hair and skin types. Our operational processes, from production to barber shops, are conducted by our professional team with meticulous attention to every detail, in compliance with corporate and global standards.

Maintaining our corporate values, we combine state-of-the-art machinery with skilled professional labor to produce our products in a hygienic environment in our new factory, without human touch. Our products are not only used by numerous hairdressers and beauty salons in Turkey but also collaborate with hair salon chains in various European, Gulf, and Balkan countries.

Company Values



In the competitive, globalized environments that we continue to operate in, we position our branding investments in line with the preferences and likes of our consumers. As a leading company in the market with over 300 different products in our professional product segment for both women and men hairdressers, we are committed to being a "trusted and organic product" without compromising on quality. We aim to be at the forefront in meeting the expectations of hairdressers and end-users by combining health and quality, and to renew ourselves with all our might while maintaining our commitment to quality, with the ultimate goal of becoming the number one choice on the path to globalization.



Considering the "Need for Grooming" in both men and women around the world, we are committed to introducing them to innovative solutions, continuously working towards our goal without deviation from our objectives. Starting our operations in Bulgaria in 2022, we are confidently advancing on our mission to spread beauty to the entire world.



With a quarter-century of experience, we say, "For a BEAUTIFUL LIFE," and we touch your lives.

Powder Hair Wax / For a Matte Look

With its effective formula, it enables you to shape your hair, giving it a natural, smooth, and matte appearance. It assists in creating fantastic volume and a matte texture starting from the hair roots.

3 adımda Kendini Ferah ve Bakımlı Hisset


Cleanse your face with RedOne Facial Tonic

"It effectively removes oil residue and dead skin cells from your face. It also opens pores, preventing blackhead formation


Shape with AQUA Hair Wax

"An excellent formula to create long-lasting styles in your hair. Enriched with vitamins, the formula allows you to maintain the desired shape for an extended period."r.


Splash RedOne Blue Perfume.

"All-day effective and long-lasting freshness with carefully selected essences. You can confidently use it at any time of the day