In the Path of Natural Beauty

As Redone OOD, we have started our activities in Bulgaria in 2022 with more than 20 years of experience in the cosmetics sector. We designed our products for professional barbers with environmentally friendly and innovative technologies and for men who believe that care is a specialty job.



Developed as a result of long-term laboratory studies at home and abroad, RedOne Men's Series has been enriched with contents suitable for the hair and skin type of men. The operational process from production to barbershops is carried out by our professional team in accordance with corporate and world norms, taking into account all kinds of details. Our products, which are produced intact in our new factory in hygienic environments by combining the state-of-the-art machine park and skilled professional workforce without compromising our corporate business understanding, also work with hairdresser chains in many hairdressers and beauty salons in Turkey as well as in a significant part of Europe, the Gulf and the Balkan Countries.


Developed as a result of long-term laboratory studies at home and abroad, Redist Professional was prepared with special contents suitable for the hair and skin structure of women. Women have different hair and skin structures. Therefore, important studies have been carried out in Redist Laboratories on sensitive contents that can make all women happy in the product range. The Redist Beauty & Care Series develops high-performance products for women's beauty and care with nature-inspired content. Redist Beauty&Care personal use series products are offered only in hairdressing salons for women who believe that beauty is a specialty job through hairdressing salons. We continue our international activities with an intense and comprehensive content on the way to becoming one of the brands that determines the world trends in hair fashion in 2022. Currently, we are working together with hairdressing chains in a significant part of Europe, the Gulf and the Balkan countries.


As a result of long clinical-scientific researches and R&D studies with our state-of-the-art infrastructure, we produced world-class products and implemented the AC CLASS brand. We are excited to bring together our functional and superior quality personal care products for all family members with our consumers. We work day and night with the motto "Everything is for a good life" in order to present you our products that meet the needs and expectations of the consumer with the most accurate price policies...

Vision / Mission

To position our branding investments by considering the likes and preferences of our consumers in competitive environments that are globalized,

To renew ourselves with all our strength without sacrificing quality to be the first to be a "reliable and organic product" by combining our company, which leads the market with more than 300 different products in our professional product segment for our women and men hairdressers, with the expectations of hairdressers and end users,

Considering the "need for care" of men and women in the world more than anyone else, we continue to introduce them to brand new solutions and to work towards our goal without deviating from our goals. Starting our activities in Bulgaria in 2022, we continue our journey with the mission of spreading beauty all over the world.